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Parsha Poetry, Year 2: Ki Teitzei / Ki Seitzei / כי תצא

דְּבָרִים / Devarim / Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19: Read ithear it; colour it.

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Special thanks to my amazing sister Sara for taking the kids away so I could a) put in laundry, and b) write this poem!

image To send away a mother bird
Oh what a mitzvah!  How absurd!

If you could only answer me;
What does it matter if a tree,
Has a mother bird within –
Just tell me so my head won’t spin!

Hashem, who’s very great and large,
A universe with him in charge,
Why should he care very much,
Which birds we see, which birds we touch?

And yet he cares, that’s plain to see,
The Torah says to you and me,
To send her off without a pause,
And great reward our deeds will cause.

Long life comes to those who care,
So do the mitzvos, never spare
Those which don’t look very great,
For all we must appreciate.

Whether small or whether large,
They’re from the one who’s still in charge
And yes, it’s true, He cares so much
About the bird our hands may touch.

image We’re bigger than the birds, you see,
But we control their destiny;
So, too, Hashem is great indeed,
And watching for our every need.

Compared to him we’re very humble
His small voice a mighty rumble,
But to Him small things matter, too;
So He’s always nearby, caring for you!