The New Look of the Blog

I took down the template in order to get rid of the hijacker the other day, and decided when I was putting it back up (mostly too lazy to find the original template) to choose something new.

What you see around these words is the result; the colours, screen layout, etc.

Ted hates it. 

Anyone else out there care to express an opinion???

p.s.  If you are not seeing a page that looks like THIS, please let me know.  One commenter mentioned that the font colour doesn’t stand out against the background, but I’m seeing black on a white background, and it doesn’t get more contrasty than that…



  1. It's nice, calming colors, very professional. I made a few changes in me-ander.

  2. I agree it's nice and I like the background, but I think I prefer your original look.

  3. Hi, the new background looks pretty but for some reason once it kicks in, the font color kind of blends with it and it's very difficult to read. thanks

  4. @Regina: That's weird... I have updated the post with a snapshot of what it SHOULD look like on your screen. I have tried it in different browsers and under Ubuntu, so if you're seeing something else, I really want to know about it. :-o

  5. now it works fine, just like you said it should, before the white would disappear after a few seconds. It could have been my computer, I wouldn't put it past it:) thanks.


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