My NEW Late-Night Bookseller…

When I blogged about my late-night online book-shopping habits back in February, reader C Yocheved suggested I check out Better World Books.  I had been buying some books from them THROUGH Barnes & Noble, but it turns out that you can get most of the same books directly from the BWB site, without the hassle of shipping charges. 

imageIt’s true that the books cost a little bit more than on the Barnes & Noble site, but usually, when you take shipping to Canada into consideration, it’s a couple of dollars cheaper… especially if you’re buying more than one book.  They even have a site in the UK, which I used to buy our Anna Hibiscus books (which we have thoroughly loved, and I hope to review soon!).  And EVEN from the UK to Canada, shipping was free (or rather, included in the purchase price).

So there you go – even an old doggie can learn new tricks, even late at night.  If you click through the Better World Books links on this page, by the way, I earn a discount on my next purchase, plus referral bonuses.  So go right ahead and click anywhere.  The blog is free… believe me, I don’t make a cent from it.  But if I can get 15% off a book, well, that’s ALMOST like money, right?

image Oh!  What was I buying, you might ask?  A new science book for Teaching Science With Picture Books, which I picked up in the Scholastic dollar sale last week. 

Oh - hurry!  I think the sale is still on for 24 hours… and if you use the discount code 10THANKS, you get $10 off your order.  Hint:  10 $1 items = $10; minus $10 = 0.  Yup, I “bought” 10 Scholastic resources for FREE, and you can, too!  (as long as the coupon code is still good, but the Scholastic site is terribly slow, so log in first so it can save your cart in case it crashes)

One last time… if you’re looking for books online, I recommend you try Better World Books!  :-)


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