Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

In case you didn’t think…

…textbook publishers have the greatest scam going, here’s more evidence.

A friend of ours, a math tutor, is having some health problems and although she has done without the solutions manuals for years, she caved and bought a couple to help herself through it this year. 

The solutions books cost between $150 and $400 each (depending on whether you want a print copy or CD).

That’s probably because teachers aren’t buying them out of pocket:  it’s school boards, who don’t care about the expense.  In case you think of the money spent as an investment, the minute the company comes out with a new text in a few years, this solutions manual will be out of date, too.

newbook 001

I wish I’d taken the picture from the side so you could see how thin this thing was.  Ted was astonished when he picked it up from Batner for her on Friday.  He was expecting something a little more – well, substantial.  I probably could have told him otherwise.