Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Grrr… Cranky Complaints-Lady vs the Library AGAIN

Tootling around not really enjoying the Overdrive system through our local library that lets me check out semi-popular books for my Kobo and audiobooks, music,  etc., after a wait of several months, or not-at-all-popular books & resources immediately… and I discovered that I can only place a hold on TEN ITEMS.  ???!?!#$!!!


Does this make sense to anybody…?  Basically, I can choose to give up my holds on semi-popular items while betting that the items I want NOW are slightly less popular so I may get them within my actual lifetime.

Okay, so probably nobody cares.  Sorry – go back to snacking on  Golden Grahams and putting off folding the laundry.  Oh, wait – that’s me.