Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Gavriel Zev’s New Obsession

mondrian 001… Cutting and Cutting and Cutting, with occasional break for pasting.  But NOT pasting onto paper.  He has decided it’s a waste of his time to paste anything onto paper. 

But he will condescend to glue together a “paper doll,” like these  cute cut-and-paste printables I found on TeacherFileBox.  He was very pleased with the three he made ALL BY HIMSELF:  a robot, a fish, and a caterpillar.

mondrian 003He demanded more, but I said they were for another day.  As with the Same/Different worksheets, however, I dread running out of these before his obsession runs its course.

Look at that intense concentration… he could have sat here cutting all morning.  He cuts EVERYTHING on the page that he possibly can, especially the really super-tiny copyright and publisher information at the bottom of the page.  You can see them here with the tips of the scissors for size comparison:

  mondrian 004 mondrian 002

After a while, he did take a break for his OTHER favourite activity:  Mr. Potato Head.  Or, specifically, Mr. P-H’s spud buds Cornhead and Carrothead. 

mondrian 012He discovered that his slinky could “wear” the facial features and join in the fun!  Here, they are having a tremendous adventure, with GZ shouting the plot and dialogue at full volume… as always.

 mondrian 013

imageVery sweet.  I love watching and eavesdropping so much.  I love him when he is content like this so VERY much.

I hope he never becomes too self-conscious to play “out loud” this way… but I know that day is coming all too soon and his amazing stories of derring-do and silliness will have to go underground.  

(Unless he takes after his Abba and becomes an artist!)