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Fw: Education Funding for Parents

Ha ha ha ha...
I am leaving this email exactly as it appeared when I received it a while back from my MPP - currently seeking re-election.
I had attempted to call him on the issue of funding for full-day kindergarten (I asked specifically when the government was going to subsidize MY kids' education, either at home or in Jewish schools, and I asked for specific references to back up the government's claims that full-day kindergarten will give Ontario's kids an educational advantage.
He sent me this email which I thought was dry and boring, but - figuring I'd mine it for amusing quotes following a post about all-day kindergarten and our government's idiocy on another blog - I discovered the typo of all typos... an amusement, perhaps, only to small minds like my own. 
Can you find it in the governmentese that follows?  I promise on my honour as a [former, lapsed] Girl Guide that I have not tampered with the message that follows in any way other than removing my personal email address.
I do, however, like his REPEATED use of the word "unable" as if everybody would homeschool, if only they could.  Again... ha ha ha.
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Sent: Thursday, July 14, 2011 3:04 PM
Subject: RE: Education Funding for Parents

Thank you for your patience while our office recieved reports from the Ministry of Education. We receieved a number of links that I am confident you will find informative regarding Full Day Kindergarten.

The following report was compiled by Dr. Charles E. Pascal, wherein he writes on the fourth page that, "we leave it to families to bridge the gaps, avoid the overlaps, and negotiate thier way, if they can". Full Day Kindergarten is meant to fill the gap that parents and early child programming was previously unable to provide for children. It is admirable that you were able to provide home schooling for your children, a time committment that only a fraction of parents are able to provide in the early years. Full Day Kindergarten serves the greater majority of the pubic who are unable to provide that attention to their children. By no means does the government of Ontario feel that your children are at a greater disadvantage due to the choice your family made in educating your children at home. You were able to provide the attention and care that most parents are simply unable to provide for their children.
The following is the link to the Dr. Pascal's report: The following two links will provide for your some leads in looking for more information online. The first is the website for Full Day Kindergarten, and the second is the website citing a number of experts on the benefits of Full Day Kindergarten. Both of these websites can jumpstart your search on more information regarding Full Day Kindergarten.
The following is the link to the website for Full Day Kindergarten:
The following is the link tot he website citing experts regarding Full Day Kindergarten:

Again, thank you for contacting our office regarding this important issue. The government of Ontario understands that parents have a number of choices when it comes to educating their children, and I would like to reiterate that by no means does the government feel you have disadvantaged your children because you chose homeschooling as their avenue for education. Full Day Kindergarten fills the gap that the majority of parents are unable to provide for their children in their early years.

Please feel free to contact our office regarding any issues in the future,