FREE Rosh Hashanah Copywork & more!

imageIf you like that sort of thing, it’s up, and it’s officially the Last Thing I am doing for Rosh Hashanah before I actually begin preparing for Yom Tov in the real world!

I have used three different styles for the three copywork pages.  All use the same passuk (verse), in English and Hebrew but there are varying levels of difficulty this time around, including one page with just a few selected words from the passuk, one word per line.

PLEASE let me know if you download the copywork and can’t view it properly.  Even after a year, I’m still experimenting with the copywork format as I figure out what works for my kid (and as she gets older and her handwriting improves).

Remember, you can also still download these fun Rosh Hashanah resources:

  • Free 6-page (I think) colouring book
  • Rosh Hashanah Activity Pack, including Same/Different
  • Rosh Hashanah Logic Puzzles


  • Download these and other Jewish printables from my Limudei Kodesh downloads page here (scroll down to Yom Tov).
  • For general studies printables, including science, art and music, click here.


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