Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

FREE Children’s Audio Books!

image   Three FOUR sites, a quick roundup:

  • Chronicles of Narnia – many books in the series (Christian site), fully downloadable FREE.  I just found out about this one and I’m pretty excited, I must say.  The site may be swamped because of a mention on Homeschool Freebie of the Day a couple of weeks ago.


  • imageKiddie – digitized LPs of many older children’s classics, including Carol Channing reading Winnie the Pooh, Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel, the Story About Ping and Caps for Sale, Babar, and many others.  Recordings aren’t all perfect, but they will immerse you in a world of nostalgia.  Spend some time at the site and you will turn up many winners, I promise.  All on “unbreakable” mp3’s!!


  • – Free, public-domain recordings of free, public-domain children’s literature, including treasures like A Little Princess and the Just So Stories.  Their main index is horrendously tough to navigate.  If you’re looking for something, just search and see if they have it.  This site is entirely volunteer-run and the recordings range from extremely good to PRETTY BAD (as in the case of one chapter from Five Children and It that we listened to that was poorly enunciated and recorded in what sounded like an echoey outhouse).  Sorry, but in this case, you sometimes get what you pay for, and I guess it’s tough to find volunteers to read all of a long chapter book.  My favourite reader is Kara Shallenberg… I even occasionally stalk her podcast to see what she’s up to.


  • One more rather late (like 2 weeks later) addition to this round-up is imagethe rather Britishy and enthusiastically free StoryNory, a site which spells its own name incorrectly right on the home page, but which claims to have posted a FREE children’s audio story to the site every single week since 2005.  November, 2005, if you want to get specific.  There are classic tales like The Wizard of Oz and A Christmas Carolimage, some poems and nursery rhymes, as well as some possibly-odd original tales, like the adventures of Bertie, the Frog Prince, and Emilye’s Tale, a retelling of the Knight’s Tale from the Canterbury Tales.  Listen online or download mp3’s to carry with you wherever you go!

Happy reading!!!