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Apologia Zoology 1: Sorting/Classifying Printable Worksheets

In preparation for beginning Apologia Zoology (Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day) tomorrow, I put together this quick, fun, 2-step sorting exercise.  There are four pages altogether:  one page with the animal pictures, one with the first step (finding the PHYLUM) and two with the second step (finding the CLASS) (not all the pages are shown here).  Basic instructions are given on each page.

image image

I’ve heard that the first chapter is pretty dry, so I wanted to do something that will make the concept of classification at least a little more lively.  We’ll start with sorting generic “attribute blocks” (I downloaded and printed them free from the JUMP Math website here), and then move on to the animals in this printable.

Disclaimer:  Because the images in this printable are taken from the actual Apologia Zoology 1 book, you should probably only use this printable if you have already purchased the book and own the right to use it with your family.

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