Oy, vey: a whole lotta Rush Hour

We’ve reached our Internet limit.  We have a 60Gb plan, which is MORE than enough.  Or so I thought; apparently, we have a bloodsucking Internet hog hanging about with nothing better to do than download, download, DOWNLOAD.


Average daily Internet usage during the time the big kids were in Calgary: 

  • Well under 1Gb.

Average daily Internet usage during the week since the big kids came home: 

  • Well OVER 1Gb. 

In fact, over a 2-day period last week, our household downloaded about 25Gb of… well, apparently, three Rush Hour movies.  Which is fine, as long as the culprit (he/she knows who he/she is) personally pays for the “overage,” ie whatever extra costs we incur for Internet use until our billing period rolls over… tomorrow.

As of this minute, it’s $10 – for bootleg AVIs of 3 old movies that you could probably find on iTunes for maybe 99 cents each…

Building up trust with teenagers is like learning to catch a bullet in your teeth.  You can’t build up to it; at some point, you just have to sit back and beg to be shot straight in the face.  If you’re lucky, it’s a wax bullet that disintegrates on its way to your teeth.  Or maybe, you get stuck with a bill like this… or worse.

Am I making mountains out of molehills?  I know one teenager who thinks so…


  1. I think as long as they pay for the overage, it's all good. At some point they have to figure out whether it's worthwhile to download that stuff... and that shouldn't have to be on you. I might give them a bit of a break the first time, though, because they really might not have known how far over the limit they were or how much that might cost.


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