Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Oy, vey: a whole lotta Rush Hour

We’ve reached our Internet limit.  We have a 60Gb plan, which is MORE than enough.  Or so I thought; apparently, we have a bloodsucking Internet hog hanging about with nothing better to do than download, download, DOWNLOAD.


Average daily Internet usage during the time the big kids were in Calgary: 

  • Well under 1Gb.

Average daily Internet usage during the week since the big kids came home: 

  • Well OVER 1Gb. 

In fact, over a 2-day period last week, our household downloaded about 25Gb of… well, apparently, three Rush Hour movies.  Which is fine, as long as the culprit (he/she knows who he/she is) personally pays for the “overage,” ie whatever extra costs we incur for Internet use until our billing period rolls over… tomorrow.

As of this minute, it’s $10 – for bootleg AVIs of 3 old movies that you could probably find on iTunes for maybe 99 cents each…

Building up trust with teenagers is like learning to catch a bullet in your teeth.  You can’t build up to it; at some point, you just have to sit back and beg to be shot straight in the face.  If you’re lucky, it’s a wax bullet that disintegrates on its way to your teeth.  Or maybe, you get stuck with a bill like this… or worse.

Am I making mountains out of molehills?  I know one teenager who thinks so…