Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

What you don’t want to see coming in your kitchen…


… a Cessna.

These are actually 10-year-old pictures; an acquaintance from shul was piloting this Cessna when the engine quit and he had to make an emergency landing in a very populated residential area.

He managed to do it.

He had just finished the last word of Shema when he crashed into the deck of this home and, apparently, stopped quite safely (though his foot and ankle were broken, and needed surgery to cobble back together).



The terrible part of this is:  I only just found out, just now, on facebook.  Apparently, he made a kiddush in our a few weeks ago to thank Hashem for his miraculous rescue.  And I’m kicking myself, because I never knew.

Funny how you see somebody every week at shul and never know their life story… even the fascinating, amazing parts.   It could easily have ended like this story, or this one

On the other hand, isn’t this exactly why we have social media?  To bring us the hidden backstory of the people you may see all the time, but barely know at all.

So many people have amazing stories; don’t you wish there was time to sit down and hear all of them?