Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Two hours wasted

image (well, not non-stop)

1) Printer jam – remove hard-to-access printer rear door, swearing and hurting broken foot.

2) Close printer, hope for reset.  Printer does not reset.

3) Send test page.  Resend test page.  Delete test page job; retry.

4)  Reboot computer.  Shut down computer; turn off power to printer and computer.

5) Wait a couple of hours (not non-stop, busy with other things) to see if it will resolve itself (don’t laugh – it’s happened before)

5) Reboot again.  Nothing.  Attempt to remove idling print jobs.  Attempt to delete printer.

6) Swearing quietly and politely, finally succeed in uninstalling the printer.  Reboot a few times and at last… it’s gone from the list of printers.

7) Go to unplug the printer USB cable to reinstall the printer drivers and discover… ta-da!… it was uninstalled all along.  It must have fallen out in Step 1 when I removed the printer rear door.

8) Struggle for 2 hours to reinstall the print drivers (it’s not so much a driver as a kludgy all-in-one software contraption).  Couldn’t get it to work.  Search websites in vain.  Attempt the install plugged, unplugged, every which way from Sunday.  (not an easy feat, all that up and down to plug and unplug with a broken foot)

9) In a moment of genius, perform a System Restore to roll back the configuration to yesterday.

10) Reboot one last time… and the printer was sitting there, snug as a bug in the happy list of happy printers.  Test page printed, and all is well!