Toy Story

GZ in the background, playing with Naomi’s slinky:  “Slinky, slinky, slinky!”

Me:  “It’s nice to see you playing with the slinky so nicely!” (realization dawns on me that it’s not his)

Yeah, I took it cuz Naomi wasn’t using it!

Hmm.  How would you feel if Naomi came in and took Skelly [his squishy skeleton] because you weren’t using him?



Because he’s MY toy!

Well, maybe Naomi would feel sad because you took the slinky and the slinky is her friend?

The slinky is not a friend!

Well, what about your squishy ball?  It’s not a friend with eyes, but how would you feel if she took it?



Because it’s MINE!


I’m going to go ask Naomi if I can use her slinky.

(sets down the slinky… talking in the bedroom, GZ rushes back)

Me:  “Well?  What did she say?”

GZ:  “I’m not going to tell you.”

(Naomi rushes in to rescue her slinky.)

Me:  “Naomi, the truth is, you were not using the slinky and he asked you nicely… so I want you to think about whether you really want it back right now or if maybe he can use it for a few minutes.”

Naomi:  “How about in 10 minutes?”

GZ:  “Sure!  Then I can play with it for a long time!”

“Slinky, slinky, slinky… it’s jumping on my boots!”


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