Three Weeks… and Tisha b’Av FAQ


As I keep saying, this blog is NOT a place to cover basic Judaism – try Judaism 101 for that! – but there are some things I will do here.

Two years ago, I noticed I was getting a lot of people looking for information about Tisha b’Av. 

People now have this amazing resource called Google that lets them ask embarrassing halachic questions (“are computers allowed on tisha b'av?”) in the total privacy of their home… and then lets me find out about it through my handy blog statistics reporting service that tells me how you-all wound up on my site.

So I broke down two years ago and put up a Tisha b’Av FAQ that goes beyond the usual to answer some of those secret halachic questions, and I updated it last year to include even MORE of the questions you may be thinking but afraid to ask a real rabbi.

Of course, if you’re NOT embarrassed, there’s an easier way!

Feel free to email me (remove all the x's or the address won't work) your questions, and I will – if I think they’re relevant to more than just you – omit your personal details and discreetly add them to the FAQ.

My father, who taught real estate and mortgage broker courses, used to have a sweatshirt that his students bought him that said, “I’m not a lawyer.”  I need one that says “I’m not a rabbi.”  Not even a velveteen rabbi (and frankly, I read her blog often, but “playing with the real rabbis” sound like less than a delightful experience).

So you can ask, and I can answer… but bear in mind that anything I say is a guideline and/or purely anecdotal in nature.  Okay?  Okay!  Bring on the questions!!!


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