Six-Word Saturday: 15 Tammuz, 5771

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Follower fifty-two, please come back!!!

I guess that’s where hubris gets you… up until yesterday, I had fifty-TWO followers; now, one is gone.

Which means one person was offended by… (let’s see – what did I post yesterday?) my post about Gavriel Zev’s encounter with the man in the bank.  Or maybe they didn’t like the Shabbos menu?

Whatever it was, if you were Follower Fifty-Two, please leave a comment telling me what I did wrong?  I will do almost anything to win back your love!

image(Oh, yeah… and if you were never a follower in the first place, click the Follow button!   If you’re reading this in a reader and can’t see the Follow button, click the title at the top to come to my actual blog and enjoy my soothing gray background!)

Sunday Postscript:  She, or someone like her, is back… the official count is now exactly 52 once again!

(but if you didn’t  click the Follow button yet, please do – it’s ever so much fun!!!)


  1. I wonder that too if someone leaves if maybe I haven't been writing up to snuff or something. Wow though I don't even have 50 followers if ever that day should come I'll have a party lol

  2. This post made me giggle. I know how it is though, when you see that number go down and you wonder - what did I do? Where did you go?

    Thanks for playing 6WS!


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