Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Shabbos Food!

Oy, vey… I have been overwhelmed with happiness today as food poured in from neighbours and friends through shul.  Well, okay, when I was lying semi-clad in bed, covered in children with no way to get up, I was not overwhelmed with happiness to hear a strange man tromping around in the kitchen shouting “Hello?  Hello?  It’s Yerachmiel!” 

It wasn’t MY Yerachmiel, it was someone from shul dropping off a cake.  I told him I wasn’t coming out and he was fine with that.

Since then, there have been about a dozen people in and out with salads, meats, everything.  What an amazing community we live in!  (even though it has meant explaining my injury seventeen times so people don’t think I just FELL off the bike like a moron).


Egg Rolls-        Ted
* Challah-        homemade
Salmon-         Z
Veg Soup-     D
Meat-         Mommy!
Spare Chicken-    P
Lokshin kugel-    H (the rabbi’s wife!)
Vegetable kugel-     B
Cooked vegetable-     P
Salad-         T
Chocolate Cake-         G
Apple Cake-    G (left over from last night)


Out – at neighbours’ – yay!!!

(bringing challah)