Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Re: Kids are checked in!

Letter to their grandparents:


They are in the air, as far as I know, enroute.

Enjoy them! 

YM's rabbi gave him the number of the assistant rabbi at the orthodox synagogue, a former student of his.  They should get together at least a few times to learn during the course of YM's visit.  He should make a real effort to get to shul at least on Mondays and Thursdays; if they could spend one Shabbos with the rabbi's family, that would be fantastic, too.

Tuesday July 19th is a fast day - only from sunrise to sunset, but it's the longest fast on the calendar and can be a very long, hot boring day.  Besides not eating and drinking, they shouldn't participate in anything overly entertaining on that day.

Otherwise, I think they're just about ready for anything.

Neither of them should have unsupervised Internet access.  I realize YM's a year and a bit away from "adulthood."  Still - the last time I left them unsupervised, our computer was infected with a nasty virus from all the garbage they were downloading.  They may tell you it's only music, but if it's from a disreputable site, all kinds of stuff can tag along. 

Hmm... what else?

Elisheva has their BC's and HC's in an envelope.  Please take them from her.

They can choose seats and print boarding passes the night before their flight home - it actually saved us a bit of time at the airport today.

They are probably both missing several important items of clothing.  At this point in their lives, I can only make suggestions and buy what they need, so when Elisheva is running around the house telling me she has no skirts (after buying several in the last few weeks), there's very little I can do.  Whatever she tells you, she DOES NOT NEED MORE SWEATSHIRTS.  Also, they both wear uniforms 90% of the year and Shabbos clothes for 5% of the year.  Don't let them tell you they need a dozen of anything if it doesn't fit into these categories.  :-)))

They have both changed a lot over the last year.  I hope you'll still find them delightful in every way; I find it difficult, but one-on-one, they are both incredible kids.

Take care of them & love them lots,

<3 <3 <3 J