Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Oooh, ooh, ooh – great chapter books!


The bloggy world seems to be going crazy about these books – apparently, with good reason.

They’re a series of 4 short chapter books about the adventures of Anna Hibiscus, a little girl growing up in her large, extended, multi-generational family in “amazing Africa.”

I don’t have the books yet; in fact, I just ordered them a few minutes ago.  But the second I’d skimmed a couple of reviews (including this very thorough one, which features page samples) I knew that the littles and I would go crazy for these books. 

imageThere are tons of exuberant illustrations by Lauren Tobia, which seem like they’d only add to the fun. 

The first recommendation I saw was from Good Tree Montessori, a Muslim montessori homeschool site.  She suggests that they’re particularly good for “brown girls” – but then, she doesn’t know about my daughter’s obsession with skin colour, which she may be less open about these days, but finds no less fascinating.  So I think “brown girl adventures” may be exactly what she – and many kids – really need.

There’s even a Canadian connection (even though I really need to take down all my images and links for the Great Canadian Blog Bash) – apparently Anna Hibiscus’s mother is Canadian, while her father is African.  Cool!

You can find all these books on, or buy the set through Usborne (that’s the link provided by Artful Parent), or – like I did – get them at Better World Books UK (scroll down to see if there are any with free worldwide shipping – as my copies all did).

Yay, more parcel, arriving SOON, I hope!