Sunday, July 17, 2011

Never rains…

… but it pours.  Yikes!


If you click on the actual days, though, you’ll see that they’re doing that THING again – the thing that peeves me off every time (like this time).  Yup, the actual Probability of Precipitation on any given day is 30%.  And they’ve recently revamped the site to make it even harder to find the actual probability. 

Thank you,

Meanwhile, guess where we’re moving…


Ha ha ha ha… just kidding.  NOT Eilat!!!  (although it is the least HUMID place in Israel, according to this very unscientific – based on only five dates in its thousands of years of history – weather chart I created last night)


No, I think we’ll go somewhere nice and cool in the north.  North sounds cool, right???  And as Canadians, what better place is there to live the dream of “the true North, strong and free???”

Curious about where we actually WILL be living in Israel, iy”h?  So am I! 

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