Just when you thought

leg 005…The biggest excitement in your day was going to be replacing the teetery cracked hallway bookshelf.


Here it is before it was casted:  2

I’m supposed to tell people it’s not a cast – it’s a splint.  Could have fooled me.

I was biking home from tutoring when a MORON (with a yarmulke, and it turns out, a mensch, but still a MORON) opened his car door in front of me.

When I regained consciousness… ha ha ha.  No, thank God, I didn’t lose consciousness.

Still.  I was lying face-down on the pavement, with lots of pain in my foot.  To his credit, the MORON came right away and called my mother, who came right away and now I’m home.

And it turns out the guy wasn’t such a mensch after all – yarmulke or not, he went to the police right away and told them he didn’t do it:  I’d swerved to avoid his car door.  Ouch.

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