FREE Easy Reader Mini-Book: The Story of Bilam (Balaam) & Balak

In honour of Parshas Balak – a parsha story kids can read for themselves!

It’s a printable PDF easy reader mini-book, this time for a bit more of an advancing reader.  Naomi (aged almost 6.5) was able to get through this bookie cover to cover in about ten minutes without much difficulty.

I’m making it available in two formats – I printed it, then decided I wanted it on my Kobo (ideally, I would have figured this out FIRST, to save paper), so I reformatted the text into the weency 9cm x 12.5cm page size the Kobo demands (because scrolling around a larger PDF page is a big pain; ditto tilting the page to make the view wider).

  • Download this and many other mini-books and parsha/holiday resources from my Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) page, here.  (scroll down or search the page for “Balak”)
  • For general-studies downloads and printables, including bilingual Hebrew-English science resources, click here.


  1. Cool! Already printed and ready to have the kiddos read :)

  2. For some reason, my computer is treating this as a threat. I would love to have it, though

  3. Email me directly and I'll forward it to you: jay3fer "at" gmail "dot" com.


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