Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Free books! Thanks, Homeschool Horizons!

imageA few weeks ago, I blogged about “winning a gift card.”  I was joking, but guess what???  I won!!! 

I got my card in the mail this week, and tonight, had some fun choosing and ordering homeschool books – what else? – online from Chapters / Indigo.

I’m SO happy, I just want to tell all Canadian homeschoolers to go check out their site one more time.  Remember, the first issue even has an article by me in it! 

(more to come if I can get my act together to write for their issue topics / deadlines…)

So what did I buy???

image image image

  •  Ancient Science, by Jim Wiese, as recommended by Michelle at Lionden Landing.  Before she was a homeschool mama, she was a science teacher who really knows her stuff!  I’m very excited about this book.
  • Science Around the World, by Janice VanCleave, as suggested by our Grammar-Stage Elemental Science curriculum.  And finally, just to use up the gift card…
  • Just So Stories, by Rudyard Kipling, because I have it on my Kobo, but we’re enjoying it so much, I’d love a copy for the shelf, too.  By the way, you can also download a mesmerizingly wonderful public-domain audio version from KazoomZoom here.  It’s identical to the Librivox version, but the KazoomZoom version has a bit of music in the background, which is mostly nice, though occasionally distracting.

Total order cost… $0.62 – and delivery is FREE!!!

What are your must-have books for the school year coming up (or already here)???