Free Bookmarks!

bookmarks 001Well, okay, you COULD just cut up an old cereal box and have yourself a nice set of free bookmarks – well, for free!  But wouldn’t you rather your children were LEARNING from and enjoying their bookmarks?

This is the first set of a series of very basic “popular sayings” available for free download (I believe you have to register) from HomeschoolBits.

This first set contains such sayings as “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and “Two heads are better than one.”

My kids LOVE these expressions!  We have been using these bookmarks since the beginning of last school year, and just stick them into every chapter book we have on the go.  I didn’t have cardstock, so I initially printed them on regular paper and glued them to cereal boxes. 

You could also glue together two layers of cardstock for a really sturdy bookmark… or just cut them out as-is for bookmarks that may not last the ages, but are super-quick and easy.


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