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Crossing bridges


The minute Naomi started taking ballet classes, there were questions from all sides:  “What if she decides she wants to be a professional dancer?  What will you do then?”  Not often, but often enough.

Because obviously, such a thing is impossible for a religious Jew who believes women shouldn’t dance for mixed audiences, wear tight-fitting clothing… and so on.

Maybe folks are just curious, but the unspoken question is sometimes, “Do you love your religion more than your daughter?”

Of course, the answer is YES:  I do.  It’s not really the religion we love, but God, who offers powerful suggestions in the form we understand today as Judaism.  And hopefully, it’s not an either/or, like it was with Avraham.  I doubt I’ll ever have to choose one or the other.

But the implication is sometimes that my faith is somehow abusing or limiting my daughter by cutting her off from these types of careers.  The stained-glass ceiling.

But then, since I signed her up for summer soccer, nobody has came forward and asked what I’d do if she decided she wanted to become a professional soccer player.

Maybe because the odds of turning her into a professional futbalista are low – but then, what are the odds that any given 6-year-old aspiring dancer will go on to even BEGIN full-time training, let alone complete it and dance ballet professionally?

I’ll just let them play…find their talents:  cross bridges when we come to them.


(p.s.  The girls creamed the boys – 8:1)