Books, on Bookshelves!

When I woke up Sunday morning, my goal – and my planned excitement for the day – was this:  replace the broken, leaning-over, falling-down Ikea bookshelf with a slightly bigger, sturdier Ikea bookshelf purchased second-hand through Craigslist.

I arranged for Ted to go on Sunday morning to pick up the shelf and then I pulled all the books off the crumbling old shelf.  There were books in stacks everywhere!

leg 002 leg 003

Then, I went out tutoring, and came home with a broken foot, unable to CARRY a book let alone re-shelve our entire children’s collection. 

Ted put the books on the shelves, but a goal is a goal, so on Sunday night, I sat down on a folding chair in front of the shelves and tried to introduce a bit more order.  I’m thrilled with the result:

 artworks 018 artworks 021

We may not have a school ROOM, but we sure do have school BOOKS.  I’d like to get coloured dots and organize them a bit more – ie one colour for science, another for history, another for atlases and geography, Judaica, etc.  But for now, I am just so happy that there is enough room for them all… with even a bit of space for more.  (gasp!) 

image Good thing, actually, because the first two of our four Anna Hibiscus books arrived today (from England!).  We finished the first story tonight, and I certainly enjoyed it… very different from our lives here, and from what we English-speaking North Americans usually think of when we think of Africa.


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