Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Working on the Shavuos Lapfolder!

Because this is a short, hectic week, with a field trip tomorrow plus a major holiday on Tuesday night, we had to get some school stuff done today – despite the incredible distraction of 2 big kids home studying for their exams.  We managed to get through math (finished the first JUMP Math workbook (1.1)!!!), and touch on geography, which Naomi’s been looking forward to. 

And a little bit on our lapbook as well.  It’s actually more of a lapFOLDER than a lapbook, though I’m not quite sure where the distinction lies.

I’m VERY pleased with the cover:

sunday 001 

Naomi enjoyed creating the fence at the bottom of the mountain – it’s just like a paper snowflake, but cut out of a rectangle.  It was her idea to colour it brown – I thought white looked better.  I printed 4 pictures of Moshe I found on the web.  The one she chose is the Ten Commandments picture from this page.

I think I do the covers a little differently:  I glue a regular-sized page right on over the left-hand flap (or right, if I want it to open the Hebrew way!).  This gives a little more room inside because it completely covers the right-hand flap, freeing it up to be used to stick things on, as I’ve done here with the Story of Ruth and Megillos “flower” mini-book.

sunday 007sunday 015

And, opening it up… (mini-books closed and open)

 sunday 002 sunday 003

I took these pictures before I stuck in her reluctantly-narrated Story of Ruth “megillah” above the flower showing the 5 megillos.

Peeking all the way inside:

sunday 004 sunday 011

I copied and pasted the cheesecake recipe from this page into a word document and printed it out for her to glue in.  I have no idea if it’s a good one, but I like her picture, so that’s okay!

I added a tiny Torah-shaped book I got from HomeschoolShare (weird page, but scroll down to the 5th day):

sunday 013sunday 014 

There’s still some room in here for a couple more things:  Aseres HaDibros mitzvah train, story of David and Golyas (Goliath) if there’s time (I’m adapting a very nice comic book I found on this Christian site). 

But overall, I’m pretty pleased with the way this has gone so far… hopefully, we’ll get to wrap this up tomorrow or on Tuesday morning!

More information and FREE downloads for this lapbook here.