What Shall We Eat??? aka Menu Planning Monday

image Why the weird dates? Click here to find out! 

Other “weekly challenges” I have not been doing very regularly with since Pesach:

Welcome!  We’re a homeschooling Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.  Read my MPM intro here or just visit my big ol’ list of Everything We Eat.  We eat mostly vegetarian, with one vegan meal every single week – on Vegan Vursday, of course!

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I’m doing my best to have a NORMAL day / week, and MPM is part of that.  Three kids are shouting in the background, so I consulted them for their faves.

imageSunday (yesterday) – Takeout burgers & dogs at Mommy’s house

Monday (today) – Barley bread and soup (roasted red pepper / black bean?)

Tuesday (Mommy & Abba out) – Homemade pizza (Naomi’s request)

Wednesday – Scooby-Doo pasta  (Elisheva’s request)

Thursday – Vegan “quesa”dillas / burritos? rice etc

Shabbos Honey Ginger Baked Chicken & Rice (“Chicken & Rice” was GZ’s request and this isn’t quite it… maybe I’ll make it for him next week)

Hey, I’m done – that was easy!

erev Shabbos 043

(Burrito night – but then, after I took the picture, we heaped on cheese and sour cream!  What lousy vegans we are…)

(but the attractive shredded topping in the picture is grated carrots, not cheese – so you can’t say I didn’t TRY)


  1. gah, I haven't done mine yet. Thanks for the reminder!


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