Well, I succumbed…

imageIn keeping with this week’s theme of “Chumash, chumash, yeah, yeah, yeah!” (and by the way, did you know that Chumash is actually ALSO a California group of Native Americans?  Google does!), I gave in and bought the “full version” of the Bright Beginnings workbook.

I posted a link the other day to a pre-production PDF of the workbook, a marvellous 56-page sample that really covers a lot of territory.  I have been printing off pages we need, but that’s going to be expensive for the whole thing (though it’s convenient to print doubles if I want to do an exercise more than once!).

So I was excited when I discovered that there is a full copy now available (as of May).  It’s $18.  And the full version is not only in colour but includes a cute (though minimal, to avoid cluttering the page) “construction” theme that really reflects the book’s origins in boys’ chinuch. 

Original (pre-release) vs improved (published version):

image image

image image

I’d be okay without the construction-themed graphics, cute as they are, but I think the colour printing may be useful.  You can see above that they have highlighted verbs in blue and nouns in green.

It also looks like there are flashcards in the printed version, but whether or not these are on cardstock, perforated, etc., remains to be seen.  And it WILL remain, because Canada Post is still on strike.

imageSo – to recap:  shipments I am eagerly awaiting:

I know there are some people who are being MAJORLY inconvenienced, to the point of impovrishment, by this strike – like anyone who’s receiving paycheques and not just fun parcels in the mail.  Just let me wallow for a minute and then I promise, I will get my sense of perspective back.

Oh, and to bring this post back on-topic, here’s a video of Rabbi Horowitz talking about the philosophy behind this book.  The video makes it sound incredible and perhaps a bit overly ambitious, as he mentions he’d like this to be an off-the-shelf, “teacher-proof” curriculum for limudei kodesh, when really it’s just (so far) a really good booklet for Lech Lecha.  Still:  halevai (if only).


  1. I do know! I only recently moved from the area from which they originate and one of the strangest things to see when I had first moved there were signs for the Chumash Casino, which seemed like an odd combination of ideas. As an aside, the protagonist from "Island of the Blue Dolphin" is Chumash and was stranded on an island in the Channel Islands off of the Santa Barbara coast.

  2. Amazing! I loved that book... :-)


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