Visions in Van Gogh


Well, it was a dingier, cooler evening than I’d anticipated, and we were all kind of in the groove, so we did our Van Gogh “Starry Night” colouring a little sooner than I’d anticipated. 

We couldn’t find the tempera (yup, TWO big trays of eight tempera pucks each… and they’re lost somewhere in this tiny house), so we used Naomi’s watercolours. 

The littles and I listened to this Don McLean song called “Vincent” (embedded below) which I’d never heard before but seemed most apropos.

And here’s what we came up with!

Naomi Rivka and Gavriel Zev (he always gets very enthusiastic with the wet brush, then acts all sad when it tears through the paper):arts 008arts 007

Here’s mine – I decided there was no way I could do the original colours justice so I decided to stick with the mood, slightly:

arts 009

And then I dared Ted to sit down and do one… he painted this while the rest of us were snuggled on the sofa reading A Little Princess (second-last chapter!). 

Afterwards, I got up to go look… and almost killed him because it is so completely perfect.  Well, as completely perfect as perfect can be given that he was using a set of fairy-themed watercolours and our pathetically scrambled, gluey brushes.  He’s no Van Gogh, but then, I’m no Ted.

Ted’s starry, starry night:

arts 006

And here’s Don McLean’s…


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