Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Starting the School Year… in June?

image Well, it’s a weird time to be starting a new grade, but I think we’re ready, the books are here, so why the heck not?  This is roughly my plan for scheduling, though it looks better “live”.  I have  no idea why it’s not outputting the subjects in numerical order the way it displays on-screen.

I’m back to using Google Calendar for schedling, by the way.  Our whole lives are in there anyway.  I tried using an online program called Homeschool Skedtrack, recommended by Angela at Satori Smiles, but beyond the awful name, it’s much more formal than we need in terms of planning the number of hours in your school year and exact start dates of terms, etc.  Because our reporting requirement is so much less here in Ontario than in some places, the program is totally overkill.  Not to mention a bother to start using, inputting students and courses into etc.  (But it’s FREE, so if you do need to report and create transcripts, etc., that  might be a worthwhile way to do it.)

And yes, I know it’s summertime.  But we’re having so much fun with school, I figure why stop?  As I’ve said before, it’s all about the momentum.

We will certainly have more than a few “interruptions” over the summer as school is pre-empted for things like camp (3 sessions), swimming lessons (2 weeks) and cottage (1 week). 

There are 16 weeks between now and Rosh Hashanah.  So even given those missing 6 weeks, during which we’ll still be able to fit in some school stuff here and there, there are 10 weeks, which is not a bad semester length.  After that, except for maybe a chagim lapbook, the semester will effectively be over until after Simchas Torah.

Even with a good amount of time spent outdoors, school is still only taking a couple of hours a day at the MOST, so I don’t imagine this will impinge much on the “summeriness” of our summer plans.  And I am always happy to preempt school for anything more fun or interesting, like a farmers’ market.

So here’s the question:  when and how do I to tell Naomi that we’re starting a new grade?

I don’t even know why I’ve put it off.  Most of the work she’s been doing (math, phonics, writing, Hebrew) is already at a first-grade level, but she still thinks of herself as being in SK.  I imagine she’d be very excited, but how do homeschool parents do this?  Just announce one day:  “Welcome to Grade One!”?

Maybe I’m secretly disappointed that we’re not having any sort of ceremony to mark the end of her kindergarten years?

Homeschooling parents or any busybodies out there, help me out:  how do I mark this transition when there really isn’t much of a transition going on here???