Raising Gender-Free Kids

Well, no… but this has turned up in the news and in conversations, blog posts, etc a lot lately around here.

Looks like Naomi Rivka and Gavriel Zev decided to get in on the act!

erev Shabbos 008 erev Shabbos 009 erev Shabbos 013

I wasn’t here; Ted took these pictures, I think… I just found them in my camera.


  1. Temima and Shua just did that tonight! He wears her old leotard/tutu/slippers all the time! And then says "Angelina Ballerina"in his less than articulated cute way over and over again, while spinning and standing on top a stool.

  2. There was a little boy in Kali's class at Viewmount who always made a beeline for the dress-up box in the morning and put on his favourite sparkly leotard and tutu. His mother seemed dismayed by it, but the rest of us thought it was cute. And he was (and is) the sweetest kid you'd want to meet.

  3. @sweetcrunchyjewy "the sweetest kid you'd want to meet"??? Like, the close bff confidante every girl never had? >:-)

  4. Jennifer - yeah, maybe. Who knows?


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