Pesto!!! Pesto?

garden 037Once again, I am planning to steal a couple of major menu items from Tiffany over at FrugalGourmetMom.  I’ll post a full Shavuos menu tomorrow, but meanwhile – think PESTO!!!

The fine print:  I have never actually HAD pesto.  I like basil enough and I love some of the other stuff that goes into this simple  Pasta, pesto and peas dish.  The truth is, it’s just the name that has put me off.  Literally.  It sounds icky.  PEST-o.  Pesty.  Pestilential.

So all I’m saying is, I’m getting past this, I’m growing up, but it had better be just as good as all of you say it is…

Anybody care to warn me that pesto really ISN’T “all that”?


  1. Pesto is definitely all that. Great as a pizza base,veggie dip, sandwich spread (w/mozzarella & tomato), mixed into pasta, baked in with bread, and used to flavor soup. I'm drooling already... at least I have some sitting in the fridge! :)

  2. my children *love* pesto-pasta! it's even good on pizza

  3. Pesto on baguette bread with tomato slices and parmesian broiled in the oven...hmmmm!


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