Non-Sequitur: FREE Frog & Toad Button-Sorting Math!

image We re-read the wonderful Frog & Toad story A Lost Button this afternoon (from Frog and Toad Are Friends).  I love this story!  I really like the whole book, actually… I picked up all three paperbacks as a boxed set for no particular reason and I’m very glad I did.  (We also have this particular volume in Hebrew!)

Anyway, I thought this would be a perfect theme for a imagequick math lesson to wrap up our week tomorrow, with the help of this free download page.  We used it once last year, but it was a while ago, and I think I only did it with GZ while Naomi Rivka worked on something else.

I created two activities of my own to go along with the page.  You’ll need to download the first page, print it out, then cut out the buttons and sort them for the first activity sheet.  Then, on the second sheet, you can reuse the buttons by gluing them on to Toad’s jacket.


For both these sheets, as usual, I have mercilessly and shamelessly borrowed images that I don’t own.  I figure it’ll make people love Frog & Toad so much they go out and buy the books, so ultimately, I have done the world – and the publishers – a favour.

  • Download this and other math and science activities from my general-studies downloads page here.  (scroll down)
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) printables, click here.


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