Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

NEW Big Jewish Lapbook / Unit Study: Tefillah, Siddur, Prayer!!!


It’s ready!  I apologize for all the keywords in the heading, but I want to make sure everybody can find out about this lapbook if they’re looking for such a thing.  I was, and I couldn’t find anything appropriate, so once again, I made it myself.

For the first time, I’m including with this lapbook a “guide / overview” looking at each component and offering suggestions for how to get the most out of it with your kids.
You can see more sample pages here.

 imageHere’s what’s included:

  1. Tefillah is like… ARROW mini-book
  2. Tefillah Pocket and Cards
  3. Tefillah Times Triangle
  4. In My Siddur Matchbook
  5. Shema Eyes Flapbook
  6. Amidah Means… Accordion Book
  7. Tefillah Changes Flapbook
  8. Synagogue Geography Flag Book
  9. Open My Lips Popup
  10. Torah Tziva Popup
  11. Where is Hashem Spinner
  12. Tefillah Behaviour Flapbook
  13. imageJudging Yourself Foldout Book
  14. Five Types of Tefillah
  15. Amen Folding MiniBook

Plus my own overview and brief explanations.

Almost everything at my site is totally free!  But just as with my big Pesach lapbook and Jewish Book of Centuries, I have to charge for this one because of the work that I’ve put into it.  As before, I will accept ANY amount, via PayPal.

UPDATE:  To order Pay-What-You-Can products, click here or on the “Buy Printables” link at the top-right corner of the blog to get to my PayPal page.  While you’re there, check out my other PWYC lapbooks and printables!  And you can always click here for TOTALLY free Jewish printables!

imageOnce I receive your PayPal payment, I will email you the files directly as PDFs in one big ZIP file.  (it’s a big email, so I will also send a thank you and confirmation separately letting you know it’s on its way)

I will email you all FIFTEEN components of this lapbook so far, along with anything else I create for our own lapbook between now and September (depending on when we actually get to this with our busy summer plans).

Unsolicited praise for my Pesach lapbook:

  • “You did a great job! It really is the GREAT BIG Pesach Lapbook/Lapfolder!”

If you buy the lapbook, feel free to come back here and post a link to pics of your kids working on it or the finished project!!!