Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Neighbourhood Raccoon on the prowl

The neighbourhood raccoons have a new trick:  they have now  learned how to open the garbage and recycle bins and GO INSIDE.  This guy was out prowling on Tuesday afternoon in broad daylight (oh, yeah… another new trick!) and we sat watching him dive in and out of both bins across the street before crossing towards us and heading into the backyard.


Ugh… I hate these things.  This is a fairly young one, not nearly as fat and spoiled as some of these city critters can get.

I did warn the neighbours across the street, by the way, indirectly through other neighbours who know them.  I have still never met or spoken to the wife; they came in and built a big house and had a baby almost two years ago and we have STILL never spoken.

I really think I still blame them for traumatizing me with this near-death roof construction accident.  Talk about psychic trauma… ah, life in a neighbourhood!

(can you tell this is our first house?  we never had these kinds of dramas with apartment living!)