My sister wrote this post

She’s cuter than me when she’s frustrated!

  • Abigail Rachel Lapell ‎"As a reviewer for several scientific journals, you are guaranteed my experience will improve your work..." MISPLACED MODIFIER

  • Abigail Rachel Lapell ‎"I have written four novels, numerous articles and have a Master's of Education." AND NUMEROUS ARTICLES

  • Abigail Rachel Lapell ‎"Reply to this ad for a quote or by sending an email with details about your work or to request a sample of previous work." NO COMMENT

  • Abigail Rachel Lapell ‎"I specialize in being able to articulate with eloquence exactly what a person is trying to say but cannot find the right words for. So if... you're not best with the written word..." AWKWARD, SENTENCE ENDS W PREPOSITION, MISSING DEFINITE ARTICLE


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