I’m winning a gift card… and doing a public service!


Homeschool Horizons, Canada’s new homeschool magazine, is coming out in September, and will feature an article by yours truly. 

I believe the editors of the publication are Christian homeschoolers, but they welcome submissions from people of all viewpoints, including mine.

Anyway, they’re having a great Subscription Blast Party throughout the month of June, with great discounts on subscriptions and prize packages for charter subscribers.  And just by telling you about it, which I would have done eventually anyway, I’m entered for a chance to win a $25 Chapters gift card.  Nice!

Check out the site to find out more, to subscribe, or to read their Writers’ Guidelines.


  1. Thanks for your support!! Yes, we're Canadian - which means that we try to be inclusive *grin!*


    Homeschool Horizons Team


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