Going Postal!


No doubt you are all waiting breathlessly with me for the delivery of the marvellous packages of homeschooling goodies I described in such loving detail.

What I hadn’t counted on was – POSTAL STRIKE!!!

Yup, Canada Post decided that instead of forging with my school books through rain and sleet and hail and heck, even the lovely weather we’ve been having lately, that they’d rather go on strike instead.

I mention that I personally hadn’t counted on a postal strike.  Millions of other Canadians were forewarned through such media outlets as newpapers, radios, and the Internet.  Me, I kept seeing warning notices at my online banking site about an impending strike and figured they were… I don’t know what I thought. 

Not something that would impact me, obviously, is what I thought.  Blah.


  1. I'm pretty insulated from current events too. The first real inkling I had of the postal strike was when a couple of days had gone by and I hadn't seen Tommy, our friendly mailman.


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