Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Gavriel Zev hard at work!

learning 014In just the last month, his scissor skills have snapped into place and he now cuts with incredible ease.  Amazing how something like this can JUMP rather than improving incrementally.  Here, he’s cutting out and matching shapes to go into the Carson-Dellosa Same/Different workbook we use. 

I bought it for the title, but the truth is, most of the exercises are what we call Same/Same – ie matching things that match, rather than circling which one is different.  He FAR prefers Same/Different, is obsessed with it, really.  But we have pretty much done all of those by now so we’re stuck with same/same.  :-)

learning 015I also picked up the Carson-Dellosa Kindergarten Phonics book which I make him do a page or two in when we’re done.  Basically, the pages have you match up pictures that start with whatever the sound is you’re working on.  It’s age-appropriate and well within his level of ability.  (ie minimal writing required)

The nice thing about both of these books (NOT the price – they’re a bit expensive, for what you get) is that there are two sheets of gold stars in the centre.  There are enough that I can give each kid a couple of stars after a morning of hard work.

    There are many other books in the series, and while I don’t STRONGLY recommend them, it’s a nice way to choose a specific activity (ie only mazes, only dot-to-dots, scissor skills) that you know your child will enjoy doing over and over at their own level with only slight variations.