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Garden fanfare in purples and reds…

Oh, wow, do I love red and purple in the garden!!!  As always, it is very difficult NOT to love the late May / early June garden… 

Petunias and ornamental allium:

spidders 005 spidders 007 

Faithful heucherella, blooming and blooming (I believe it blooms so heavily because it’s sterile, but doesn’t know that, so it TRIES very vigourously to reproduce).

spidders 008

Overwintered banana showing sad old indoor leaves plus one new vigourous, red-streaked leaf:

 spidders 009

Purple columbine:

 spidders 012

And this obscenely large “Kong” coleus… I usually resist these giant specimens, but couldn’t help myself – this was just such a huge, refreshing splash of red.

spidders 011

Meanwhile, in the backyard, if you look very closely, there are the same alliums and columbine, with a couple of straggling tulips (the backyard is a cool, dark microclimate, so the same flowers are sometimes a week or so behind the front yard).

spidders 017

Happy Purple June, everybody!!!