Free Shavuos Printable Easy Reader Mini-Book!

Just like the one I did for Chanukah!

To receive a free PDF of this very simple print-cut-staple easy reader for Shavuos, featuring all the usual cute borrowed Internet graphics you have come to love from my printables, please email me directly at Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com, and I’ll pass it along!  (ideally, you’ll have a colour cartridge to print it with – something I am lacking at the moment)

image image

Sorry, it’s not direct-downloadable this time.  That’s my gift to myself:  I love to find out who’s reading and using these things!  (and get a chance to say hi to readers)


  1. You're welcome to come over and print it here. My colour cartridge is alive and well.

  2. My color cartridge is out of ink and we've been using our B&W printer so we haven't gotten around to ordering more. It looks cute though!


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