Dear landlord next door

image June 7, 2011

To the landlord of 300 ### Road:

Please cut down and/or uproot the giant weeds that are growing between your property and ours at ^^^ ### Ave, right in front of this wooden gate leading to your backyard.

clip_image004I have checked online and these weeds are probably the harmless native Cow Parsnip, but there is a tiny possibility that they are actually the toxic Giant Hogweed, which can sting on contact with skin (the two weeds look very similar).

So please be careful when removing these weeds – wear gloves and arm protection if possible. They have a deep taproot; they will grow back immediately if they’re not completely uprooted.

In previous years, I have just cut them down myself, but they are growing back bigger than ever and I believe they need to be completely removed.

Please come by and let me know if I can help, for example, by showing you exactly where the weeds are growing.

Thanks for your help!


  1. You wouldn't want to be our neighbors. Our garden is a mess.


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