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Dairy Desserts for Shavuos!


Gourmet Kosher Cooking has a fudge recipe for Shavuos, which is a fabulous idea, but I wanted to once again share my super-duper-easy-emergency fudge recipe in case you don’t have time for REAL fudge. 

Elisheva complains that mine tastes more like icing than fudge; make it a little thinner and it WOULD make an incredible icing. 

It is a bit more gritty than real fudge, but the trade-off is:  you can make it in about image20 seconds in a frying pan, so definitely worth a try.  My mother-in-law in Calgary taught me how to make this years ago.  Just be sure you use COOKED pudding and pie filling (doesn’t have to be Jello brand), not the instant stuff, which won’t work for this recipe.  Recipe here.

image My classics for Shavuos are sticky-sweet Indian Gulab Jamun (made with Bisquick – here’s one recipe),  plus my grandmother’s Neapolitan Cake.

On top of these, Ted always makes a cheesecake of some kind.  There are always too many desserts around here at Shavuos time – which is just the way I like it!

The trick is finding nice dairy meals to go along with the desserts.  Here’s last year’s Shavuous menu.  I’ll probably make many of the same things this year, except we’re out for both the lunches.