Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Cut n’ Paste Chumash!

stirfry 002 Here’s Naomi Rivka working on one of the cut-apart Chumash worksheets I made for her. 

I decided to keep making them for the rest of our Lech Lecha study because it’s so tactile and hands-on, as opposed to most of what we’re doing in Chumash.  I think she’ll learn it better this way – at least I hope so.

I cut the sheet into rows, and then she cut up the rows and pasted the words back together, putting the image at the front so it’s clearer. 

I was being a real slave-driver today (relatively speaking!!!) because we only have two “school days” this week,  so I realized that seven was too much with everything else we had going on.  So I left out “ha’aretz” because we’d already done a word with the same shoresh.

image  stirfry 001 

If you look closely at the sheet, you may realize I’m not always sticking with the “real” shoresh (root).  For example, the shoresh of “u’mi’moladt’cha” is NOT “yeled,” but that’s what I’ve put because it’s a more familiar and related word.  I plan to take that liberty whenever a shoresh is difficult or obscure.

I plan to finish pessukim 1-10 and then put them together as a PDF brochure, perhaps for “sale” – ie “paypal what you can.”  I’d pay for something like this; really I would!

July 14 p.s.  I finished the first perek (Lech Lecha Perek 12), and it’s available free as a PDF for the time being!