Ambleside Composer Fun: Free Mozart Printable Mini-Book

image  Welcome to June!  Because we’re continuing through the summer, we are now three months ahead of the Ambleside Online composer schedule, and we’re moving on to our next composer:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
album 001Mozart is our third composer (after Beethoven, Vivaldi and Chopin), but I haven’t yet made up a CD of this term’s music, most of which I downloaded free from the German Mozart-Archiv site, as suggested at Ambleside.
As I did with Chopin, I found a wonderful, simple,old-fashioned living book for kids (written by Thomas Tapper, freely available as plain text file from Project Gutenberg), but I couldn’t find a PDF version, so I created one of my own and formatted it as a nice, printable 14-page booklet, including a Mozart notebooking page.  
  • Download this or the Chopin and Beethoven mini-books from my general-studies downloads page here.  (scroll down to Composers)
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) printables, click here.
You can also download recordings of these nice, short Tapper biographies for FREE from the public-domain audiobook site, Librivox.

Here are a few more Mozart resources, for anyone doing Ambleside or just looking to do a composer study!
I’m sure there are many other resources out there - if you know of any other great composer resources for Mozart, feel free to pop them in the Comments section below!!!


  1. there's a kids' series called "beethoven lives upstairs". Don't remember enough to know whether it's good or not, but you could check it out.

    Also, we've got a CD called "Beethoven's wig" - classical music by a variety of composers, and they put cute lyrics to it. Their version of Eine Kleine Nachmusik is my personal favourite.

    Have I mentioned that Mozart is my favourite composer to sing? The soprano parts from his operas are just right up my alley.

  2. Got it and got it! We have already enjoyed Beethoven Lives Upstairs AND Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery... but haven't yet listened to the Mozart. Yay! I like Beethoven's Wig, but I don't know if the kids do as much. My beef with that is that the songs don't all mention the name of the composer and/or piece.
    We're trying another one, Can You Name that Classical Theme, or something, but I don't like it much. Oh, well...


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