Ahh… (an ode to the no-‘poo)

imageThe pleasure – the TINGLE – of freshly-washed hair & scalp is just something you cannot possibly experience if you’re throwing shampoo at it every day. 

Shampoo may give you clean hair, though that’s debatable (especially if it includes a conditioner that coats and weights your hair down again at the same time).  It may give you smooth hair, silky hair, full hair, bouncy hair (all things your hair probably could be on its own if you stopped dousing it with shampoo every day) .

It doesn’t WASH your hair in the way that a mop washes floors or last night’s heavy rains washed away a two-week dry spell. 

imageIt is just that refreshing. 

It’s such a good feeling that I ALMOST wish my hair needed washing more often.  But, of course, because I don’t use shampoo, it doesn’t. 

So until next time – my hair will decide when that is – I just want to say “thanks, no-‘poo!”


  1. I do like the clean feeling using the baking soda & acv. And it always combs out tangle free. My only problem is that it's hard to get used to not having it lather up like shampoo. When I sprinkle (or pour) the baking soda on and try and work it through my hair it just doesn't feel like I'm doing anything. I just need to get past that because I really do feel like my hair gets cleaner.

  2. No 'poo here for at least a year. LOVE IT! :)


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