Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Six Word Saturday: 4 Iyar, 5771

cooltext517336770Why the weird dates? Click here to find out! 

So I just booked my ticket and I’m…

Leaving my family… on the megabus!!!

No, that didn’t come out right.  Six words is such a hassle.  I’m leaving them HERE and GOING on the megabus!  Double-decker, WiFi and the luxury of a night of relatively undisturbed-by-children international travel.

(okay, the pit stop for Customs at 2 am – 6 am on the way back – is kind of a drag…)

Where am I going?  Why, the…


… of course!

$80 (ticket) + $50 (registration) + $10 (lunch money) = worthwhile investment in my kids’ Jewish education, plus my own personal chizuk.  Right???  Sure hope so…

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