Six Word Saturday: 4 Iyar, 5771

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So I just booked my ticket and I’m…

Leaving my family… on the megabus!!!

No, that didn’t come out right.  Six words is such a hassle.  I’m leaving them HERE and GOING on the megabus!  Double-decker, WiFi and the luxury of a night of relatively undisturbed-by-children international travel.

(okay, the pit stop for Customs at 2 am – 6 am on the way back – is kind of a drag…)

Where am I going?  Why, the…


… of course!

$80 (ticket) + $50 (registration) + $10 (lunch money) = worthwhile investment in my kids’ Jewish education, plus my own personal chizuk.  Right???  Sure hope so…

Previous willy-nilly excitement about the Torah Home Education Conference over here.


  1. I'm so glad you're going!

    And the cost is well worth it... and a total steal compared with day school tuition!

  2. Whatever you do, don't accidnetly leave a backpack on the megabus. You have no idea what kinda havoc that'll cuase.

  3. Hooray for you enjoy whatever you may do!

  4. You sound pretty excited about this whole HERE vs THERE thing. ;) Have a great trip!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  5. So jealous! I hope we get to one some day. Have fun! Oh, the show Bones featured tons of ASL this week, if you need something to watch on the way.


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