Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on Parshas Bechukosai 5771 (video)

From Britain’s Chief Rabbi Dr,. Jonathan Sacks, fascinating thoughts on Supersession / Replacement Theology, its history and the reasons why Christian assertions – of all stripes – are very simply unbiblical.

Full text if you don’t want to watch the whole video:  The Rejection of Rejection.

“…the claim on which Replacement or Supersession theology is based – that G-d rejects His people because they rejected Him – is unthinkable in terms of Abrahamic monotheism…”

It is true, as Sacks points out that many Christians are now too well-educated (or polite) to mention replacement theology.  It’s also true that many mainstream churches (including the Catholic Church since Vatican 2) have attempted to sever their historical ties with these theological teachings (though individual clergy may veer wildly one way or the other).

However, as I’ve said here before, there is a growing movement who believe that while Jews are still God’s people, Christians have joined our covenant; the grafted olive-branch.  They adopt Jewish festivals and customs, take Hebrew names, and describe their Christian faith with Hebrew words.   They are not “Jews for Jesus,” as most were not born Jewish; they are “Hebrew Christians” – with a sprinkling of Hebrew on their Christianity for colour and flavour.

This "enlightened" theology may be even more offensive and insidious.  Certainly, it is no less wrong, on so many levels.

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