On hold…

On the phone for the morons at our ISP.  The message said they were experiencing a higher-than-usual call volume and that I’d likely be on hold for 5 minutes…

It’s now 23 minutes later, and I am SO sick of hearing the message repeat every 3 minutes that brags about how I can take my Internet experience anywhere I go!!!!  !#@$^^^^!  And how they are dedicated to convincing me that they want to be the service provider “of my choice.”

As if.

The Internet is working, but Google sites aren’t.  Weird.  And the whole Internet is super-slow and flaky.

Why do they reassure you that all their reps are “busy helping other customers?”  Is this some kind of consolation?  Who cares about other customers?  ME!  Help ME!

Bah.  :-(

(p.s.  I think after 25 minutes, they should STOP saying “we will be with you shortly.”  I mean, I know that in cosmic terms, 100 years is “shortly,” but by nobody’s definition is 30 minutes on hold considered SHORT.)


  1. What was the problem?
    Not long ago our entire phone district was sans landlines, so no internet either for us.

  2. I've had that internet-on, Google-not-working situation a few times before, but I can't figure it out. Did you get an answer to that one? My ISP has a part of their hold message that cheerfully informs me that I can go online to their website for all of my service needs. That should be against the law somehow.

  3. After nearly 45 minutes, I got through and was told that it was a "reported outage" ie NOT IMAGINARY. And that somebody else had already complained. And that the long wait time (when I was initially told 5 minutes) was probably due to a surge in calls from my neighbours.
    The story ends rather anticlimactically: I played spider solitaire, read and went to bed. How old-fashioned!
    p.s. No idea why it was mostly Google that wasn't working, but I was frankly thrilled that even during what was called an "outage", I still had some access - tribute to the multiple redundancies in the system, no doubt!
    p.p.s. If you have big kids, get them to call. It makes them feel important and saves me dealing with the morons. :-)


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